Thursday, December 17, 2009

Solenostemon scutellariodes ( Coleus)


  1. Dear Yussop,

    I marvel at your vast knowledge on flowers and plants. How do you recognise and know their names?

  2. Dear Rizal,
    An excellent question which I may not be able to answer satisfactorily.Anyway, in the old days books and magazines dedicated to landscaping, horticulture, botany( medicinal, herbal plants) were my primary source to identify species and their names. However, nothing beats field visits and direct observation to nurseries or botanical gardens. Attending seminars and courses on landscaping,nature studies or forestry helps because of more detailed and intimate knowledge from experts.Nowadays I use search engines like Google ( Images)or other websites related to nursery, forestry, nature, tropical plants or even tourism to discover or re-discover old and new plants which I recognise but not know the name.I guess it's just plain passion for plants that keeps me looking for correct botanical names for familiar and common plants especially those that are suitable for local planting.
    Thanks for droppin' by.